Customized Hair
and Aesthetics Solutions

Our Philosophy

Non solo Rosso is much more than a traditional hair and beauty salon. It is a magical place where you can completely entrust your look and well-being to our professionals.

Our salon’s philosophy is built on the meaning of the word aesthetics, which is the branch of philosophy concerned with the sense perception, the beauty and the natural and artistic aspects of life.

We carefully analyse our client’s needs and problems in order to suggest custom-tailored solutions.

Image Consultant

The hairdresser is today an image consultant, a real artist able to enhance the beauty and the uniqueness of each woman and man.

Non solo Rosso is the first hair stylist of Jesolo: we can analyse your facial features, find the colour combinations most suitable to your skin and create together with you the style that most represent your personality!

Give you a moment of attention, cuddles and care … because being comfortable with yourself means being comfortable with the others too.

This is Non solo Rosso. It’s your moment now … come and visit us in via Dalmazia, 10 in Jesolo!

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